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Winning or Losing (Bangkok popularity)?

No I do not think the government and it advisory board failed.

I went to a workshop meeting today and an accuse of Bangkokian participants to leave early is to avoid or take detour against the multiple marches and blockade by PAD.

Well, they boasted as victory of non-violence to called for the PM to resign but how can Bankokians tolerate traffick congestion, rumors about violence by the crowd control police and that foreign investors will pack and leave (Bangkok Post’s commentary: Pack and run)

I would avoid the Big Mango right now, however, because of the unpredictability factor. Madness is alright, even good for business because it eliminates competition. But – and it is a crucial but – there must be some pattern to the chaos. Some fundamental thread no matter how unsound or devious that helps people keep track of the shambles and limit the endless possibilities of how the whole thing might culminate into a worth-a-gamble number.

Look at the current situation. It is a prescription for anarchy.

The worst part of the political wrangling is that it is a proxy war. Most of the actors have their hands tied, if not by law (the barring from politics of the former TRT execs) then by dogma or public sentiment (the army should not overtly stage another coup), or simply by a practical question: who would join a protest if it’s held to serve a personal purpose?

So these main actors are advancing their causes through nominees.

Yes, nominees are marching on the street. A thin line between a march to uphold an institution to overthrown the others or even on another. Yet I believe that people behind Samak, if it is according to the commentary, will not urge him to use violence, despite how much the march will provoke, unless they would be extremely provocative. To curb popularity of PAD with Bangkokians and entrepreneurs, they can sit and let people gather to block the roads to government’s building for awhile and continue their “information” campaign through the media. It is rather useless to use mob-against-mob in Bangkok.

They might plan to wear people who join the protest out by giving them bad names (like weapons had be smuggled to be used against security force , etc.) rather than confronting the mob head on with violence when the world is watching an when they did not have the cable tv that broadcast the mob banned all over the country so that people will not immediately know if the mob would be beaten back with tear gas and stuff.

Well, at least the mob will linger for a while, again. The anti PAD could use their radio and website broadcast to stir and confirm undemocratic and negative features of PAD core leaders.

In the meantime, prepare your travel arrangement around that area in advance and see if they will start to move to block the semi-useless parliament.


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