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It is a quick note about several Prawes W. appearance and comments. Royal Hegemony by Chanida Chirbundid (see review at New Mandala: ) will shed some light to readers (who might already know the “network” connection) about Prawes who was also mentioned in the book.

Prawes has been senior voice to remind the society to stick with Buddhist philosophy, reconciliation and loyalty to the nation. His recent comments on “national government” and the most recent one featured in Matichon online stating that (my summarized translation) he could not help stop people from polarizing from different perceptions of Thaksin regime (rabop thaksin). Some question his legitimacy and accusation of misconducts, the other are supportive of Thaksin. The conflict over the Thaksin regime is an important matter that disrupt unity. He proposed that fact-finding should be organized so that the truth about the matter can be ascertain and people should believe accordingly. After the investigation, people should be able to stick to the “fact” and reconcile.

Prawes seemed to be the “rational voice” among the emotional and passion driven ones rallying at Sanam Luang and Makawan Bridge. He appeared to be a neutral “phoo yai.” However, when it is clear that his connection mentioned in Chanida’s thesis is obvious, would he will eventually ended up being criticized on the same ground like the previous one?

Here come the answer.

Several days after Prawes’ release of his statement for the national government, an open letter by Polameung Piwat was published in Prachatai, stating their “strong disappointment” at the proposed “national government” by
“a bureaucrat.” In this statement, Prawes’ position was portrayed as a person who opposed people’s sovereignty and elected government, which is, according to the statement, an direct insult to the people that elect the present government.

Not many people dare to criticize Prawes openly and in public. At least he seemed to be neutral, too neutral to be argued otherwise. Even if he is not neutral, he takes the side that many people claim they like his side, too. At least it is hard to publicly denounce his side, isn’t it? It is not impossible but one has to be very careful.


A Matichon Report about Prawes’ suggestion is available here. I took note on the words like “neutral party,” and an influential/charismatic figure or a person with hight “parami,” and being “respected” by all sides to be the middleman (sorry, I don’t think he meant to say “person”) and solve the perceived conditions (e.g. Thaksin) that perpetuate conflict.


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