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The Miss is not an actual solution.

I have observed the ” Female Titles Act” during the past two days and some women activists slipped out that being a “Miss” (Nang sao) is easier for young women to apply for. So being a Miss or a Mrs (nang) make a different. Then, isn’t it a bigger matter of discrimination against married women so they have to hind their marital relationship away.

The new Act is rather a deadlock for questioning marriage as an institution. Now women, you can get married and retain your title and last name, which is easier for them to make a business or legal transactions. Being a married couple, a written consent from a spouse to enter a legally binding transaction is required. Yet, men escaped because they will not be immediately detected whether they have a spouse from the “Mr” title. Formerly women with a Mrs title are required to obtain consent from their spouses or they must provide legal proof of divorce, and additional document if required, if they are divorcees.

I am just afraid to think that if being wedded or not is not another decisive matter for the ease of transactions. The next move by the Minister of Culture might be a campaign to promote more legally wedded couples.

This change would affect generation of legally wed women. Those who had already chosen not to, or unable to register their marriage will remain a Miss with their father’s surname intact.

If there are surging demand among middle class to change their title even they are married or after a divorce, then it is indicated that gender discrimination against women in active relationship, based on age and title are still going strong and should be immediately investigated. Already many complained that company discriminate against young Mrs. because of mandatory maternal leaves and that married women may have to devote more time to their families.

Women knew this, reverting a Miss title, is to prevent discrimination when applying for a job, to avoid going to a district office and change ID cards, passport, driving license and every important document to match their martial status. The discrimination against women are still practiced and I doubted that this Act will offer temporary refuge until gender discrimination is not eliminated. The Act offered to cover a cause for discrimination, it does not address the discrimination itself.

Me? I prefer to have only my name but if necessary a Ms. Yet but my experience ( as a student in women’s studies department) to help with formating friend’s theses, indicated that female students can only be a Miss or a Mrs. A title can not be left out or you risk not being able to graduate, for the sake of unable to pass “format check requirement.” It is ironic that as women’s studies students, we have to strictly conform to the norms that perpetuate discrimination and practice it on the second pages of our theses. A transgender student had to bear Mr. in front of her feminine name. Needless to say the Act is not applicable to transgender.

So I am not really celebrating.


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