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Get your gears ready? Going to PAD mob?

I have read a “preparation guide” against tear gas and ohter measures against the police demobilization of PAD  (People Alliance for Democracy) gathering with light amusement. Actually it was hard to be amused at first but I entertained myself along.

Ladies should not wear oil-based sunscreen, as it absorbs more tear gas. Everybody should prepare a pair of  diving masks if they can and read abut drills to be prepared for mob demobilization. Obvious rhetoric of the PAD hint confrontation and retaliation. Volunteer guards with shileds and helmets I missed Assembly of the Poor’s meditation session.

Besides, what to do with baseball bats and slingshots.

Must be a highly stressed than that ofnormal demonstration, when tge mentality of the whole mob focusing on attack or being attacked.

Even for legitimate causes, middle class bangkokian did not seem to like demonstation because it cause traffick congestion, so PAD have to be careful not to lose already thining bangkokians fractions.


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