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At your interpretation: Communicating “the” Institution

In a country that an open discussion and direct exercise of intervention cannot be officially communicate, subtle codes intended to be interpreted by receivers can be affirmation of without confirmation. By communication through symbols allowing interpretation without obligation to reveal what is actually a driving force and politic behind the use and reception of ‘encoded’ message in such symbols also implies that the people who belief in the message will do so at their own risks.

Tie that Yellow Ribbon around My M16: Color Code and

What would you expect from people wearing yellow polo shirts? Would it be the same application of yellow banner in some websites? What about yellow ribbons tied to military uniform?

The subtle message of yellow ribbons tied to uniforms will be the message that many have to keep it to gossip and personal discreet interpretation. Again, it is up to the receptive channels to decode the message.

What many people believed to be true to themselves cannot be backed up by solid evidence. We many believe or think we ‘know’ something and we have talked for affirmation with like-minded person. Yet there would be no “historic” trace left. We could be right or wrong. Ambiguity worked before and it is working now. Again people who use the color or the symbol may not take the same side as the actual institution, but who care about “actual?”

In the name of Sathabaan

Formerly referred as “Min Phra Boromadejanupaap,” to extend the coverage, either the new term “Min Sathabaan” was coined to accommodate an offensive act against whoever related to the monarch such as the privy council (collectively as an institution on its own or individually), who are not the monarch themselves. To some people, it is agreeable that any defamation against such “institution” could be interpreted as an assault against the monarch, not a non-royal individual.

In gray areas, an extreme attempt to decode an assault against a person as an assault against the monarch and monarchy. (See for example the Manager’s interpretation of Chakapob Penkair ‘s speech, released in LA, according to the Agency). A defamation against “an individual member of Privy Council” could be rendered on thin line between a violation of the institution of Privy council to “lese Majeste” (Min Beung Soong). Yet the person or the police who place an accuse on the offender may not wish identify what institution was violated. They will, eventually leave it up to interpretation until the police finished the translation and decided if they will press charge. (Probably Jonathan Head was just a bait for the bigger fish.)

During the last few weeks, academicians and media critics spoke out about new approach for media not to rife that nation and even broaden polarization. To me, the media also tries to speculate the encoded message s, some go over the board to claim to be the authorized resource of interpretation and intervention. Some say it is just a general bullshit that people should not believe it. Yet, finally, who say ‘investigate’ those interpretation, their political motivations and the consequences they wanted.


Updated analysis of Penkair by Anand Laolertworakul at the Manager (http://www.manager.co.th/Politics/ViewNews.aspx?NewsID=9510000061329). Even the professional analysis almost always came too late, the believers and organic intellectuals already launched series of actions and reaction. What Penkair said was important, and what this speech will brings will be even more important. Many people would feel, ah the same old tricks are working again. Opps! I did not speculate there will be a coup.


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  1. absolutelybangkok says:

    Quite a liberation compared to a year ago, wouldn’t you say so?

    Reminds me how life was in the old Sowjetunion. Nobody was allowed to call things by their names. But everybody understood.

    Theaters became quite boring after the fall of the Sowjetunion, as suddenly it was allowed to say anything and everything without fear.

    It had been developed into a fine art to beat about the bush.

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