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“Democratic” End Justifies Undemocratic Means?

The following websites / blogs were said to be listed by Prachatai as 29 sites that improperly address the institution.

10. http://s125.photobucket.com/albums/p73/nicolejung99/?
11. http://www.weloveudon.net/
12. http://www.tlt-global.com/
13. http://www.secondclass111.com/
14. http://thai-journalist-democratic-front.com/
15. http://www.sameskybooks.org/
16. http://www.newskythailand.com/
17. http://www.chupong.net/
18. http://pcc-thai.com/
19. http://datopido.newsit.es/
20. http://thai-journalist-democratic-front.com/
21. http://www.mvnews.net/
22. http://www.cptradio.com/
23. http://www.thaipeoplevoice.org/
24. http://www.nationsiam.com/frontpage/Itemid,1/
25. http://www.arayachon.org/
26. http://www.siamreview.net/
27. http://warotah.blogspot.com/
28. http://killerpress.wordpress.com/
29. http://gunner2007.wordpress.com/

Additionally, Prachatai also published a briefing, citing Midnight University’s statement that criticize Democrat Party for urging ICT to ban and for immediate actions against the above websites/blogs.

I am not an avid students of Democrat Party history and their standpoints. I supposed that in the meantime, being left or right is not that important for Thai political parties as long as they want to be the winning side. Democrat Party sure know how to play along with the institutions. From Chaun’s veteran comments about Prem to the series of movement from the Democrat Party to ‘defend’ their place in Thai party system through being a defender of the institution.

I am wondering whether this will be the new sentiment of Democrat Party that they will trade their democratic principles for anything that turn down people’s democratic verdicts.

Finally what is the point to be a “democratic” party? Will they let the end justify the means?


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  1. […] obvious that last time the list of website that violate “the law” are partly tainted by lawful comments against the democrat, so I hope that the commission set to monitor this phenomenon will not repeat […]

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