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Civilian-Ambiguity-New Civilian-militia training in the South

Another civilain force has been formed in the Southern-most provinces, reported by Isara News (http://www.tjanews.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3380&Itemid=58)

The “Peun Rachakarn Raksa Moo Baan” (friend of official to protect the village) corps were being trained in the South to patrol their respective village along with military and police staff. Accoring to the report, 340 villagers from 17 strong communities (among 21 strong communities) in Pattaini voluteered to be trained. They were 70% Muslims and 30% Buddhists. They would earn 4,500 Baht monthly.

Volunteers were trained on hand to hand combat, patroling and check point skills, weapon handling and ideological training, etc. The training took 3-4 days and volunteers would be assessed for their performance based on situation in their villages. Any volunteerssubsequently “fail” to performed would be dismissed from the payroll.

In the meantime, Humanitarian Dialogue is offering an interesting e booklet on “Interpreting Violence: Anti-Civilain Thinking and Practice” that would be valuable to re-visit the above content. Please do not hessitate to check it out.

New wars and armed conflicts also create new civilians, who are civilians but engaged in self defence beefed up by state or non state actors.


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