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My Balls Are My Business.

The Medical Council of Thailand claimed that the voluntary removal of t is against medical ethic, even young people who have it and they don’t want it and even their family supported it. The operation is now forbidden and it was stressed again that the sex change operation cannot be performed to minors (under 2o yers old.)

Undergoing a removal by private clinic costs only several thousands, unlike full scale transgender operation for those who want to leave their male bodies behind starting from 100,000+ and more is much more complicated. Thus, the transgender operation ( reconstructing new function based on what they have) can only be accessed by people with sufficient means, limiting target groups that want to be reborn in another body that they do not have to worry about male hormone.

Apart from voluntary removal, testicular cancer patients, whether they want to remain “male” or transgender, may have them removed.

Customers of testicles removal are young people who are less well to do and willing to manipulate their body and personhood. A transgender operation has more neat effect of transformation of the body and the self. Yet testicle removal address the issue hormone-wise.

Anti removal doctors mentioned that the removal will reduce male hormone to a level that could harm the ‘patients,’ yet, I was wondering if the effect would be similar to transgenders.

Removal of is no longer personal when it is governed by the “natural” body, sub-standard medical practices (defined by Medical Council), unproductive (just See also Lyotard’s Libidinal Economy or for example Adrienne Rich’s of Women Born ) manipulation.

In a live and let die society where there is not much hope for some to get 100,000 baht for a transgender operation, removal was quick, affordable way to control the body.


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