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Kungfu MP: Glamourizing MP are just like people.

Bangkok Post reported

– People Power party (PPP) MP Karun Hosakul tried to kick Democrat party MP Somkiat Pongpaiboon on Wednesday afternoon, after Mr Somkiat challenged members of the Lower House to try to impeach him for joining a rally organised by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) last week.

In a heated exchange, Mr Somkiat challenged fellow MPs to gather names to impeach him, then left the Lower House and went to a members’ lounge on the second floor of the Parliament Building.

Mr Karun, PPP representative from Don Muang in northern Bangkok, followed him into the room and reportedly launched a Muay Thai-style jump-kick at Mr Somkiat.

But he missed his target, and security guards and other PPP MPs rushed in to restrain him before he could resume the physical attack. He refused to speak to newsmen after the incident.

Mr Somkiat meanwhile said he did not respond to Mr Karun’s action. He claimed that Mr Karun continued to shout “improper words” as he was pulled away.

Mr Somkiat said there was no previous bad blood between him and Mr Karun, and this was the first confrontation he had had with the PPP member. He said emotions ran high in the parliamentary debate and that could have sparked the attack.

The like will be changed but I paste it for therecord. http://www.bangkokpost.com/breaking_news/breakingnews.php?id=126886

The holier than you (you, the people) image of MPs and senates has been tarnished in many asean countries by outright and upfront violence in the houses.

They are just like people, they can be outraged. Why oh why they have to be overpaid than average market price?


KArun said he did not do it. Bangkok Post reported:

He admitted that he “lost patience” after Mr Somkiat challenged fellow MPs to gather names to impeach him if they were unhappy he had taken part in a PAD gathering.

“I can take it if he criticises Mr Thaksin Shinawatra or Mr Samak Sundaravej. But to challenge me to a confrontation outside of Parliament while still inside the building was disrespectful.

“But I would never launch a physical attack,” he insisted.

He did not explain witness accounts saying he attacked the Democrat MP.

Police at Dusit station revealed Thursday that Mr Karun came in to file a defamation complaint at 1am against Mr Somkiat saying he had lied about the incident.

After all I hope the cpmpound and that particular room have surveillance system.


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