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At the Most Sensitive Target: CS Pattani Car Bomb

A car bomb at CS Pattani Hotel could be deadly as hitting another security targets. CS Pattani is a field office to neutral international NGOs that monitors conflicts and make sure that parties to conflict played nicely according to geneva convention. Then it was a physical space for domestic and researchers, journalists and government officers who would organize meetings and stay there during their trips. Bangkok Post reported:

Two people died and 13 were injured by a car bomb on Saturday night that exploded in the parking lot of the CS Pattani, a hotel whose regular guests include government officials, security officials, NGO workers, politicians and journalists.

Commander of the Pattani Task Force Tawatchai Samutsakhon said that by targetting the CS Pattani hotel, separatists were sending a clear message. The attack on one of the safest hotels in the far South had a strong psychological impact, he said.

”The CS Pattani hotel is a frequent meeting place for the public and private sectors, NGOs and the media.

”This incident showed there is no such thing as a safety zone,” he told Deep South Watch, an independent organisation set up to monitor the violence in the restive region.

Pattani Senator Worawit Baru said the bombings had opened a new chapter of violence in the South.

Thus, a santuary violated. The hotel is both a social splace where dialogues were fostered and a physical zone there had been relatively “safe from bomb” until recently. Yet we have to note that zoning things didn’t work in iraq and there will not work here as well. As soon an area declared “green,” the most commonsense anticipation is that there would be some one trying to make it change the colour. However, another kine said the motive was local politics.

I would not look nostaglically towards the situation or talk about it as other activists that the senses of safety is disrupted by the event because they went there for an open and close session, discussion, panels, meetings, etc. As a guest in the hotel during the past two years, I think most people who go to the hotel with a mission in mind. I think local people know this well enough.

The hotel was a safe place for outsiders and people who “work” on the issue and obviously several “top” government officers, aid workers and researchers. A car bomb was, if the motive is about the ongoing conflict, the test and provocation that “you” or your approaches (who worked on this issue) would not be so welcomed (maybe it is a good thing!). A harsh warning about security system of a haven and a loophole. A little message to the new government, too?


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