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PM might be serious about sign language that depict him in his representation among the deaf. Oh, such a touchy topic.

With Samak as a Prime Minister, my grand father would havehad turned in his grave, if he had not been actually cremated.

Samak’s mission is a tough one. He has to “reunited” people who hate him and do not trust him to run the country. Personally, I think it is partly not for himself. Yet, Thais who elected and did not elected him do know about nominee issue. It is in the air, you can sniff it. Already at day one, Samak has to disprove that he, himself cannot do it. It is likely that he has to make it appear to be that there is no more shadow government in Hong Kong or the UK, but only one in the Parliament.

Samak must also appeal to the people who were stirred to think that he is not loyal. In Bangkok Post “Samak: Give me a Chance” Samak has been quoted saying:

“I assure all of you that I can do it. The past 24 prime ministers had been patriotic, protecting the religion and loyal to the monarchy. Compared to them, I’m no less loyal to the manorchy,” Mr Samak said. “We have had the monarchy for hundreds of year and the institution will continue to be with us.”

The issue of loyalty was far more an agenda than anticipated performance. Before his Prime Ministership, Samak had declared his loyalty and he have confirmed once again, when he was appointed.

One of the reasons that people, not political theorists or activists may not worry about the performance, is they have already known and convinced about his position as a nominee, that will over power his decision to run the country. People already know what kind of policies package they will get and what style of administration will be, since Samak volunteered to head People Power Party.

I did not mean Samak is incapable to be a PM on his own, when he chose to represent Thai Raks Thai’s ideology reborn in People Power Party. It was not about incapacity. With his old alliance, it would be impossible for him to gain 200+ MPs and become a PM. With his new deal as PPP’s head,everything can be possible.

The most difficult thing for Samak, is to conform to people’s conviction. He will have to perform as independent and not related to Thaksin and old TRT connection, when the connection is already there. Given his capacity to keep performing, I htink he will not have to worry about his first term, particularly if he agreed to clear a soft landing to the master.


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