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We still need opposition parties…

I don’t think that Dr. Prawes Wasi’s “critic” published through the Nation (http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2008/01/07/politics/politics_30061365.php) will help the country stirring through its crisis of faith. Simply because we need opposition parties.

During the Thaksin regime when the number of opposition party was less than meaningful, the mechanism for check and balance through the parliament was crippled. Thus, other elite institutions were asked to intervene, yet none could event challenge the regime’s legitimacy until the final blow to the state was administrated. Then that coup make the country even more weakened and yet, people still want PPP.

Asking the Democrat party to share ministerial post is different from consulting the opposition parties during a white house breakfast meeting. Opposition parties should be free to question and inspect conducts of the government. Who would perform the duty when Democrat MP has to debate another Democrat assistant ministers?

Reconciliation does not, perhaps, mean that we will have to follow the majority lead when something is not just or right. Being a part of majority cannot automatically make anything right. We still need some parties to warn the rest to travel in the right and just ways, not many parties that agree to cover for one another or stay quiet in return to because of ministership. The parties in the parliament can reconcile without being lumped into the same cabinet.

The country needs reconciliation and forgiveness, but the forgiveness should be given when every parties involve know what is wrong and what will be forgiven. It would not be superficial as to forget misconducts of any parties and let it be forgiven because no one can turn back time and no one can point out what is good or bad to the country– what the country should not tolerate and let it happen, though the past will be forgiven.

Still we need opposition party rather than relying on other intervention from non-parliament institution like courts, anti-corruption commission alone.


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