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Corrupt altogether, but who let “grassroot” people prosper with their corruption?

I believe there is not a party in Thailand that is not involve in any degree of corruption, either individually and not relate to the party, partial personal-party or pan-party corruption.

Thus, people who think that corruption and politician moral issue is under the same corrupted nature may incline to use other factors to decide what party they will vote for.

Obviously, not any who advertise about moral superiority, if assumed that any party would corrupt, either in the past, now, or when they would be in power. Utilitarianism in common senses will lead people, not only “grassroot” but urban middle class and entrepreneurs to vote for any party that have proven records of income generation.

Isn’t per capital income and enterprise income contribute to gross national income? Isn’t income important when surging oil price and general commodity prices are increasing while the light at the end of tunnel for many industries are reportedly seem to be unable to find under the current circumstance.

PPP have the right marketing campaign. They don’t talk about moral issues or redundant welfare state like free education as a priority, they talk about wealth and income generation. If people have income, the country will have more wealth. Then the state will have more money to spend for welfare. It is so simple.

When people assume that everybody corrupt for their best interests, any party that is willing to spill small portion of what they earn from people’s tax back to the people in form of prosperity (please do not question legitimacy and where the money is from), would be likely to win the vote.

For non-grassroot, isn’t it comforting to foster an excuse like “they did it with their corporations, too?”– particularly when they want to copy the same formula used among politicians.In business, what if it is found that when not competing against the chains of winning parties, loopholes punched by so called “on-the-edge-of-corruption-and-unintended-but-honest-misstep,” would be big enough to follow in. If many hate the way the corrupted people float happily, it might be because they envy that they could not be like those guys.

Well, the other party boasted moral supremacy can be a team of good watchdogs.

It is likely that what academic community and human right activists worry about the future of what would be left after a corrupted regime would be too dramatic, with personal wealth-being, one can almost wad of side effects, and some side effects will not be felt when one is fully walled against human rights and civil right issues as it would not contribute to national income generation project. There must be some sacrifice for the wealth of the nation, like those who have to sacrifice for dam construction, which they will be remembered and soon forgotten.

By the way, can those rights address poverty and individual livelihood issues? They just talked about non-sense stuffs. Freedom of the press and right of expression? Can’t feed my family with that and no one in the family is “the press.”

With the threat of global warming and that ignorance is ultimate bliss, why not cast vote for they party that will surely boost the macro and micro wealth and enjoy “edible” democracy.

They said using cloth bags will reduce plastic bags consumption and help global warming and those with more carbon credits can sell to those who produce carbon and write off pollution and CO2 produced in carbon accounts.

With this election, it could be as simple and superficial as that.


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