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Filling the Justice Gap.

Filling the Justice Gap.

Again I received an email forwarded about displaced person conflict with part time security officers in the camp, this time, reportedly with one young man died from (strayed) bullets.

A coverage in Thai alternative and non-maintream website reported that a group of camp dwellers initiated the tension by throwing sticks and pebbles at a group of security staff before they would broke off into a fight. A young man was accidentally hit. Details as reported by mainstream media said the officers were held hostage by refugees but it turned out to be some of officers, fearing retribution from the mass, fled to the forest. Later it was reported that refugees organized a mob, which non-mainstream reporter said it was people watching and attending the funeral.

In the most remote area of justice, what might happened is silencing the victims, as they have to weigh carefully the future of the whole camp. Community leaders promised that a group of conflict initiators would be handed to Thai justice system. No report had been said about a group of security officers firing.

An event like this would be kept quiet as small news in later part of newspapers, with mainstream point of view, those people who fought with security officers are ungrateful. On the other hand, what kind of tension that they are hostile against security officers, knowing they cannot beat a group of armed men with stick and stones.

One thing that Thai authority, particularly paramilitary staff had never been trained is riot control, alternative crowd control and regulation to operate firearms. They shoot at their personal discretion and their personal gauged threats, like what had happened to young muslim men who were mistaken as insurgents. When they are armed, they will shoot. At any rate, when facing tension people tend to overestimate the risk and act accordingly, yet as a member of state security force, they have to be trained not to act like panicking ordinary people.

They are always armed on duty, I was wondering if that is the way they think about camp members, constant threat? Yet, the other function of being armed is additional power from firearms, it took a lot of hatred and probably rage to throw pebbles at armed paramilitary officers and to overcome ordinary fear of obviously armed men.

I should wait to read small news that both side of the conflict will be brought to justice. If not it would indicate that the authority let lawlessness govern that certain part of the country. Those who initiated the conflict must against authority must be brought to the court, injuring authority is a crime, causing disorder is a smaller crime. That small amount of people from both groups must be accountable for what they do. It is Thailand, don’t make it fall to no-law-land.


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