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The end justified the reconciliation?

The end justified the reconciliation government

Apparently, everybody seemed to think that election would not get any far. Calls for unity. According to Bangkok Post Editorial “Reconciliation, unity are vital”

National unity governments are broad coalitions comprising all the major parties that are usually formed in times of war or national emergency.

Yet, s/he pointed out and important point that:

What does unification mean in practice? Contrary to what some want to believe, unity does not mean the whole country should agree on every issue unanimously. Everyone knows this is impossible. It would be ludicrous, if not fascist, for a government or bureaucracy to attempt to make everybody think the same way.

What I personally have learned from “reconciliation” governments or overwhelming majority government that MPs reconciled (or forcibly reconcile because they were from the same party, but different fractions ) or a parliamentarian equation of the National Legislative Assembly that does not have the official or de facto “opposition parties” to counter-argue points in National Security Act. A legislative assembly where most members reach agreement, instead of broad dialogue and thoughtful investigation of an issue, will not do this country any good. When people think different and debate on different point of views, we will have counter narratives and multiple choices should popular one fails to work.

Additionally, under the current system, we do not have any common anchorage points. Biased and influences wrecked common democratic practices and values. When anything said or committed by people in power were flavored, despite how corrupt they could be, people who disagree with the common values or practices will feel betrayed. This undermine unity and encourage tit for tat damaging practices. Any united and agree upon democratic practices were violated. You do this, you will be arrested, I do that, I am praised to prevent security threats. The country is now partitioned: one side will agree with the current power, the other will stick to other nostalgia. Nobody talked about common treatise of democracy, which is our common mooring point.

If we take wrong mooring point (i.e. unity which mean everybody must agree to the power, even it is not right or democratic), we join hands and lump together, then when we sink, we sink all. No alternative view points, mechanism or life guards can save us.

Yet, we sink in bliss thinking, oh, what a bliss to see people united.


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