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Policies blah blah

Sell me some policies. Make them different!

Here is a list of things they sell on election signages.
health security, wealth (including rescue mission to plunging economic), village loans (back again), free or subsidized education, transportation, environment (no ones talked like Gore), agricultural issues (minimum prices, government subsidies, etc)

The differences between parties in the same issues is almost marginal, except when they talked about 10,000 million baht village fund(loans), and the amount of money alloted to universal health coverage.

I turned of tv and will go to sleep as trying to see differences among policies is often useless. There are, however, huge varieties of possible political fusing (e.g. what will my party joined to form a government) and these stuffs changed everyday until there is no alleged alliance lasted more than 48 hours.

Subsequently, instead of selecting party to elect policies and how they will implement, which is almost impossible to distinguish, I have to ponder which guys (and gals) I likw and whether the one I don’t like will be invited to join the government. Thus, the easiest solution that will not involved daily or weekly monitoring of matching alliance is to x on “no vote” box.


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