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Stat again…

Coming up at the near end of the year. Firearms import statistic from the Customs Department and their very friendly search engine. Rifles and shotguns must be really needed in the South (Opps!)

Despite the slightly lower casualties, I would not feel secure knowing each year will be about estimated 50,000+ firearms in the South as it is not a secure and sustainable solution. Remember deterrence and cold war where everybody were armed as “peace keeping.”

Here is a pick up notice for official discount firearms program. Isn’t it cute?
Pick Up yours

The handwritten notice was from ASA (sort of volunteer paramilitary unit under the Ministry of Interior, you can also see them in displaced persons temporary shelters and the South). They also offered to sell and broker government officers and government employees, particularly in the South to acquire firearms for self defence at lower rates than market price and they can also pay by installment from their salaries.


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