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Thai Campaign To Ban Landmines

On Saturday, 4th, November 2007, those regular visitor at Rod Fai Park (Suan Rodfai) or those who want to join ten years reflection of the Anti-Personnel Landmines Treaty from 1000-1800 hr.
Thailand is a state party to this treaty and the country’s Thai Mines Action Centre has been cooperativing with other NGOs, collectively and under the umbrellla of Thai Campaign to Ban Landmines to demoish stockpiles, assist survivors and provide Mine Risk Education. The most challenging aspect would be to demine all affected areas so that people can reclaim their lands and livlihood. It is likely that civilians are suffering more and more injuries and maimed as they need to gather food, firewood and other resources in formerly mined areas. On the north-western side of the border witnessed a lot of poor elephant victims,too.

During the event “Ten Years of Mine Ban Treaty: A Success in Progress,” there will be exhibitions, mine detection demonstration, events and activities from survivors, Mine Risk Awareness training sneek peak, several talks, exhibitions and music in the park. Hopefully the demining unit will bring smart and well trained german shepherds. They are superstars in almost every landmine and demining exhibition and they don’t bite. If I will notbe running here and there, chances are I will try to stay near those big dogs (I like big ones. Hate miniatures)

Other activities include bike rally all day long music.


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