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The Politic of No Retire!

What I am really not interested was Gen. Sonthi’s smoothly glided into politic. Well, not a really smooth glide though as he can now voice his “idea” directly with the PM and will not be reprimanded like Bannawit.

Again, welcome to the age of generals as PM and cabinet members. My memory is sort of refered back to Gen. … as PM when I was young. They did it well enough but the country at the year 2007 is more complex than that.

Another thing I wanted to memtioned lately but I went making notebook was the politic of being morally upright or uptight has hit back with the resignations of several minister, one of which was replaced by the Premier himself. Are we judging him from moral standpoints? More moral more seats allocation in the government?

I do not want to comment anything.

The moral empire strick back. (Hurrah!) Until the new election. I am wondering who could be next. Maybe the new member of cabinet will know what it is like to be up front in the spotlight. Perhaps the only defense to him is to announce any scruntiny against him as a national security threats.

Oh, come on, I know he won’t do that.


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