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Blackwater Ordered Out of Iraq

yesterday, several links in my inbox reported that the Iraqi government order explusion of Blackwater, a private security company working as protector for diplomats and westerners in the Green zones.

The Guardian reported:

The ministry of interior yesterday took the decision to expel Blackwater after eight Iraqi civilians were killed and 13 wounded in Baghdad when shots were fired from a US state department convoy on Sunday.

Diplomats, engineers and other westerners in Iraq rely heavily on protection by Blackwater. The Iraqi decision created confusion on the ground, with uncertainty over whether protection was still available and whether Blackwater staff should leave the country immediately.

Ms Rice called the prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, to apologise for the shooting. They agreed to run a “fair and transparent investigation”, according to a statement from Mr Maliki’s office.
It added: “She has expressed her personal apologies and the apologies of the government of the United States. She confirmed that the United Sates will take immediate actions to prevent such actions from happening again.”

The office did not specify whether the apology was sufficient to reverse the expulsion decision.

The gap between the have and the have not start to be filled in by local communities as AP also publishes a photo of “A private security guard paid for by the Shiite community”

Obviously the security development in the “Green” zones would not offer the first priority to Iraqi, as it is reported that Blackwater, which is paid for by the US government to protect westerners, according to the Guardian, put Iraqi civilains at risk. What other Iraqi who are also at risk like the Shiite communities that could not afford protection from military depolyed to Iraq will have to adapt hiring their own private security guards. The question of not enough troops deployed is noto avail. Troops distribution to protect civilians in Iraq are probably less important than troops to protect some national interests.

By the way, I hope if they were out of iraq, they will not seek job in the South of Thailand.


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