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Plane Crash and Fastness of Airline Industry.

The crash was probably due to poor compliances of budget airliners, according to New York Times here:

Orient Thai airlines, the international arm of One-Two-GO, was warned about its safety procedures last year.

South Korea’s Ministry of Construction and Transportation issued a warning in March 2006 to Orient Thai and two other budget carriers for “frequent delays and substandard safety measures,” according to the Korea Times newspaper.

The ministry said that Orient Thai, which operated flights from Inchon, South Korea to Bangkok and Phuket, did not update its safety and operational regulation manuals and that fire extinguishers and oxygen tanks were not in working condition.

“We ordered the carriers to improve the detected items,” the Korea Times quoted an official saying.

In October 2004, a Boeing 747-200 operated by Orient Thai came within 200 meters of the Tokyo Tower while making its final approach to the city’s Haneda Airport, the Mainichi Shimbun reported.

I was trying to guess what make those planes crash while they were landing. One of reasons I could think about was the growing demand to be strictly on time to be qualify for quality audition.

It is a small reason. Airline industries need to compete with each other and with standards. Every airline want to be on time. Being late upset the whole schedules of passengers and other airline sharing the same airport. Canceling a flight often, then the reputation goes down trhough word of mouth negative PR.

These days, it is important to be timely. Too early, you spend hours in an uncomfortable airport. Too late, you miss series of important appointment and it would be extremely upsetting.

I guess, and my small insignificant guess, is that beside bad weather, pilots are nervous to get the plane landed on time and he was probably sure that he can handle the landing rather than circling to wait for better conditions to land and be reported for delay, which would affect the overall performance under and audition. Timeliness is also important, particularly to budget airlines which relies on rotation of flights. not the number of planes in their fleets to switch.

In an industry that no one will praise slowness, timely or to prevent any severe lateness could result in a tragic accident. Yet, people take a flight because they want to rapidly get to a destination which is very necessary important and convinient. When technologies make the flights save enough in the air, now more technologies for the ssfe landing might be needed.

Oh, how I miss the slow cradle of sleeper train.


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