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Polar Bears Fight at Sub Zero Colder War

Further development: Teddy Bears among Polar Bears in the Sub Zero Cold War.

I was monitoring a north pole gold dig last year in my Thai blogs with news from Guardians. Three days ago, tension among big countries surge when polar bear i, which is not as cute as young knut, planted flag on sea bed, in BBC.
A nice post-colonial snap were made by Canada, the North pole’s famous fuzzy teddy bear, also can be compare to young knut when it was still famous, white and fluffy.

“This isn’t the 15th Century,” Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay told the CTV channel.
“You can’t go around the world and just plant flags and say ‘We’re claiming this territory’,” he said.

Enough said, the other countries might be gearing up for dispute, Teddy bear’s alliance (aka “Polar ‘W’ bear”) would not be happy about that, too.
War would be unlikely, I used to ponder, as they would all suffer massive lost due to even the teddy bears among these nation are well equipped with sophisticate weapons systems, some left from the cold war and some are recently developed.
As knut grows up and lost his innocent white fur while developing paws, we will see how other teddy bear players develop, apart from the permanent heavy weight players in polar bear fight. Surely the Pax Canada-Americana or alliance of the former “free” world will prevail, with US’s might and Canada’s post-colonial diplomacy and their better position in international politic (err, referring to the one with a maple leaf on the flag. And, ah, despite I know the canucks still have soldiers.) Yet, the business alliance was forging in another direction, also. (See BBC report in 2005
It would not be easy like one sided bombing civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan.
I am thinking what peace activist and conflict transformation would have to do about this. I’m thinking renewable energy, not oil. We should not use more oil. The more we use oil, the more ice will melt and the more access to the north pole and later, who know, there might be a dispute like this on the south pole.


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