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What the Anti Propaganda Law for Referendum did not cover.

The front oage of Thairath has an interesting sub headline yesterday (Jul 28, p. 1 and 11). In print it read “Push for Samak as TRT leader for election,” then “Sonthi: Army personnel to accept the draft constitution.” The inner pages confirm that army personnels are trained to spread the words to vote yes to the referendum to their family and other people.

After making a lot of efforts to heavily informed the public about the pros of the referendum and the new law to curb resistance with threats of fine and improment, the move that have been launched a while ago, using state mechanism to inform the public about the referendum and that the draft constitution should be welcomed is a alarming trend. if an elected government does this, then it is a grave crime for influencing the referendum. If someone name sonthi reportedly said so, he does not have any impunity.

I am taking readers back to the election on April 2006, when TRT are accusing of influencing people to vote for them. This government and the Council of National Security doesn’t make anything different. It reflected the same mentality that people in power should use these legal and political mechanism for their benefits.

I really do not appreciate both CNS and Thaksin. I’d rather not see any parties doing these corruption and illegal influencing the referendum. However, the CNS is actually learning very fast to copy what they had been criticising. They do it well.

The law stipulate penalty for mislead people. They acually do not mislead them, they just coax people under their control to say yes. As if telling people to say “yes” is the only non-misleading propagada about the constitution.


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