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world refugee day and Thailand, warehousing and showcasing

I sadly missed world refugee day. I was really planned to do but was interrupted with an urgent need to be there for my best girl friend and after reading several articles to try to help her sorting something out, I reallized it was now three in the afternoon.

Most of peoplewho have read warehousing refugee article would realized that the lives in camp is like being in limbo, but they have a lot of resilience as far as I see. Not many talented people could be “showcased” when officially Thailand do not house “refugees.” It is even a forbidden world when doing interpretion.

Being official refugees are not important as they are being there and wasting their lives away. Many Thais people I worked with complained about growing camp population and that birth control was not sucessfully implemented in camps with catholic ideology. Unfortunately there are several things that they can do.

Most refugees being warehoused are actully will have to stay for a longer term. Those being showcased and selected to live in a more deleveloped third country are likely to be equipped wwith language skills and minimum occupational skills if not professional. Refugees who are former students are likely to be able to continue their lives well in third countries — being exemplified model refugees in most showcases but NOT always.

Those who could not be shortlisted candidates for thord countries resettlement are likely to be villagers who are affected from fighting and had to flee, they might not be ‘political’ active or have industrialized skills unless trained and once being in a camp, their preparation for third countries resettlement is limited. Some could not speak English,some could not go adult schools, some are to busy rearing kids, some are periodically trained some skills that they would soon forget because they could not use those skills in a camp. Some have skills but are domesticated as they are not officially allowed to perform in any ‘profitable’ or commercialized scales. They are not trained to live an everyday lives they would have to face in resettlement. They are less likely to be showcased.

When “skilled” refugees are wanted, the “unskilled” will be in camps as long as they could return home.

Many policies I encountered made me wondered by those authorites do not gove a chance to polish and showcase refugees so more of them can be fit for resettlement. It sounds like a human export, but it is better to let them learn to live normal lives as they will have to do upon ther return or resettlement rather than warehousing them and waste their lives away and not likely to have any future anywhere.

The fear that those refugees will linger if they can speak thai or they can be socialized also prevent them from being in suitable candidates for resettlement and return. They will be warehoused longer. Sadly, this fear also locked up lives to stay in a virtual past that no longer exist in most societies, I fear that what might be a production of the limbo will make them become “unfit” for lives outside the camps. Then they boasted it as a “humanitarian” action.


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  1. Readers seeking more information about refugee warehousing and the international civil society campaign to end it can find it in English at http://www.refugees.org/warehousing and, in Thai, at http://www.khonthaijaidee.org. There you can sign up for a monthly email bulletin and add your orgainization’s endorsement to the Statement Calling for Solutions to End the Warehousing of Refugees.

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