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Finally I can read Bangkoo Pundit at 7.00 am, June 9th, 2007. Don’t think that this would stop me from my saturday visit to pantip (have to look for a printer.)

Most of my Friday and Saturday night/morning, if not spent reading something that drive me crazy (Thank P’ Can for Lyotard), I would spend my computer battery doing something with Illustrator apart from blogging and spend my eye sight reading pdf document for thesis.

I am not very good at drawing at all and the thought about tweaking, twisting and modifying things in a fast enough computer, particularly something with fonts make me happy.

This panda drawing was made in about two hours (not “profitable” commercially) as one of my friend said “you get the people who know how to do do it, you don’t have to write all the codes…” Yet, it is helpful as I am typing from a word processor before I paste to a blog, I will write all of code in text instead of insert it in wordpress. (yeah I know this blog can retain most of wordprescessor formats.)

I grew up in a home-made hand code notepad or cut and paste and it is still fun to diy as well as when I used to order— mmm, move this … need more white spaces (luv it.) Fortunately before I was sick of html and the introduction of xhtml for lay people to build a website, there is a (we)blog. The first blog I rarely used but registered and I think the account would have been terminated is a blogspot before it had been a part of google in early 2003 then lost my password. Shortly after that, I used Yahoo 360 then a Thai weblog written for sspecific group of people at weblog.in.th, so this blog is my 4th blog so far. This is the first time since 2002 that I encounter selective censorship by certain gateways.

By banning youtube, I have never watched any “offending” clips because I am not interested, thought the government think I am. By banning blogspot at some gateways I am accidentially using and might switch, I cannot access many non-“political” blogs (most of them knitting and diy). I missed Al Pacino doing Tango in Sense of Women, an Argentinian Tango lessons in YouTube.

The government, most of them will think we can never grow up. But the more they blog and monitor website activities, I think they deserve more to read. The more then censor, people will be more creative. Whne they say no, someone will find some other way else.

I have never wanted to learned to use proxie server or circumvent software I even have trouble translating those term in an article. Freedom makes things rather less complicate. If the government do not monitor and impose surveilance and censorship, then we can surf as we used to. I don’t have to learn any new things as long as I am not among those who blow whistles. (See for an example “How to Blog Anonymously”)

Thank you internet censorship that forced me to learn what I have never wanted to pay attention to before. Thank you ICT.


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