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Transit State: State in Transit

Updated charge at the Nation

After General Vang Pao and Lao Hmong military weapon deal was terminated before the weapons are delivered, what could be a better example for my interest of Thailand as a transit state.

BBC reported:

The accused allegedly conspired to buy hundreds of machine-guns, rockets and explosives from US federal agents who were working undercover as arms dealers.

They are said to have sought to spend millions of dollars on weapons to carry out attacks.

Prosecutors said the coup leaders planned to blow up government buildings and kill “thousands of people”.

The “Hmong insurgency planned to use AK-47 automatic rifles, Stinger missiles, LAW rockets, anti-tank rockets and other arms and munitions to topple [the] Lao government and reduce government buildings in Vientiane to rubble,” a public prosecutor in California said in a statement.

Being a non-major producer, rather top importer and having no internationally highlighted conflicts of our own, Thailand boast a peaceful tourism destination. If we have a conflict, we will smile and said it is a minor problem that can be solved by understanding and reconciliation. Note that the “Truth” as in “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” tradition is missing, which I will elaborate in my thesis (that must be in chapter 5.2)

Readers should send more “Ceylon” tea for refreshing my poor brain).Back to the point.

Why Thailand is involved in the deal to overthrown the “official” Laos PRD government. Ain’t it a friendly relationship as elaborated by Ai Pin and Nong Champa?

The official partnership is rather steady as Nam Thuen-Hin Bun dam, I guess, but Thailand’s lousy reputation in arm transit, particularly the “black” trade make me want to cover my head with a bag, though as the country we escape the accusation because of, ahem, African nations and non-state actors.

The place to drop the $ 9.8 mil. weapons secured through Arizona connection is Thailand. Geographically perfect, logistically viable and technically will not know anything about this until ATF sniffed it, according to Thairath.

Oh, thank you, ATF. (Bag to the Thai government and intelligence, please)

The abuse of Thailand as a transit point in this case were made after weapons will be shipped to the country according to Thailand on 10-12 June 2007. Will it go through the Customs or not I could not guess because the weapons might not be shipped now.

9.8 million USD to topple a government. . . that is a good price. I hope the underwater current will not copy this and start to make MANPADS instead of Manchester City deal.

But tanks work the best I guess. it’s umm, almost free.

The Thai government commented, as reported by Bangkok Post

The Thai government declined to comment before a verdict was reached.

“Thailand will not tolerate the use of its territory for any movement that undermines the stability of its neighboring countries,” said Tharit Charungvat, a spokesman for Thailand’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

A regular routine comment indeed, but as before, when the Sri Lankan and Burmese Government used to comment about lousy control, the Thai government just issued blanket denial that the state will not tolerate. Obviously, they can tolerate illegal arms transfer anddeal using the state as transit point.


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