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Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh II

The politic of selective internet blocking and mass censoring…

After crazily asking friends to check if they can get to Blogspot blog, The result was confirmed by ‘Bact that TOT server reject access to Blogspot. Friends using True was doing fine. Like YouTube, not only the forbidden clips, everything from my salsa lesson to funny and non-political clips and blogs were blocked.

I also expected a response that some of your ISPs do not actually block an access for Blogspot, YouTube or otherwise, then those noticing censorship would totally look like a freak who would like to find fault with the Thai state’s censorship. Honestly, I would like to be blogging about something else rather than telling that i cannot access the whole blog services because of some blogs do not meet ICT criteria.

Give me an explanation. Do more than 50% of Blogspot users pose threat to security of Thailand? Is the CNS– strictly not the government, still mad about Google in YouTube? Do Blogspot blogs have porn that could endanger morality of Thai people. If ICT could do a general “ban” with its famous green page and state that Blogspot is inappropriate, I could be at ease if not agree or happy with that.

By applying mass but selective censorship in an ambiguous via certain state related ISPs (I assumed.) The censorship would only some people who are affected. The government or whatever endorsed this can escape the blanket blame when imposed censorship to every service providers. My claim could be dismissed by other people using other ISPs. While a blanket ban with ICT emblem may forge collective action against censorship, I doubt what selective what censorship be certain ISPs will censorship will do.

The other thing I do not like about TOT is its position as a “Corporation.” I hope that they should watch the movie— shareholders and profits come first not giving lip service and full cooperation with someone who is not your shareholders and board members. Many be I have to recheck corporate profile again.

Kindly read a comment from ‘Bact and hope to see the action this coming Saturday.

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