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Not very peaceful.

The Nation reported Thailand ranks low in Global Peace Index.

Out late last month, the GPI places Thailand at 105 of 121 countries on the index. Indonesia is at 78 and Cambodia 85. In the Asia-Pacific region only Burma, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan score worse.

The GPI describes Thailand’s state of peace as “very low”, with risks of violent demonstrations, terrorist acts and a high level of violent crime and political instability.

The index scores countries from one to five, with one being a “very high state of peace”. Thailand scores 2.49, just a little better than Burma at 2.52 and is ranked at 108. Norway is the world’s most peaceful country with a score of 1.35. It is followed by New Zealand at 1.36, Denmark with 1.37, Ireland at 1.39 and Japan on 1.41.

The least peaceful country on the list is Iraq. Its score is 3.43. Next to bottom was Sudan at 3.182. Israel scored 3.03, Russia 2.90 and Nigeria rated 2.89.

The GPI lissted the report and indicators in their site. I am particularly interested in Homicide per 100,000.

UNODC 7th wave: 8.467874794 homicide /100,000
Thailand did not participated the The Ninth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2003 – 2004) and the eighth.

I guess the number in the 8th and 9th survey would be on the rise.


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