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Don’t trust state? Grab a mask!

This is cool,according to some social group. Nobody have seen the face of “the face of Zapatista” and the left doesn’t seem to mind. A general sentiment at Prachatai and many citizen/alternative media was warm and admiring for him. I don’t like his weilding of an automatic assualt rifle, so far.

Bangkok_Biz news Via Sanook_Pattani Protester
These young men and women covering their faces to avoid surveillance, which is common in almost every protests are “uncool.” It was a bit annoying to be taped by police’s camcorders, thus the face covering would work against the fear that they would be later identified and captured, apart from what had been broadcasted as to conceal ‘separatist’ identities from being recognized.

Face covering to regain recognition of Subcomandante Marco and these young men and protesters identified distrust in the current system. The state, the military and the press. They have to protest but the cannot show their faces, for that would be to mundane or being recognized and terminated too easily. It was a nationalism traces of me that prevent me to see the messages.

Despite what the media or the security sectors would say, those who came to protest are still vulnerable under the eyes of the state, the press ‘cameras and VDO. They can have an only negotiation.

When bare faces cannot get them this far. Cannot give them protection or confident. Cover up. Be furtive.

PS That mouse pad Marcos was making light navigation system confusing.


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