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oooooh la la. As expected, Thai Rak Thai and other conspiracy parties were axed. Banned from ‘political’ activities — depending what ‘political activities are. Obviously not setting up webcasts, free satlelite TV and give speeches from foreign countries.

This action could effectively keep Thaksin and his execitives away from real politik for 5 years. However, can this prevent Mr. or Ms. X from doing the same?

The new constitution, drafted in haste to protect the revenge of the TRT clan, could be used to prevent deadlock and crisis of ‘democracy’ in the future— effectively scarificing civil society and the people’s capacity to institutionalized experts like courts, councils and non-democratic intervention.

Despite there will be many more parties to elect and I will be more reluctant to cast my vote for a party a big party, medium sized 90 with political veterans like Banhan or Sanoh0 or a small party. They play their games to save the parties first then save the country or the people, if they can and they are intending to do. But governing the country or checking and balance is not their first piority. They still have the mentality that the parties must exist, survive and prosper so that they do something else. This mentality cannot be axed. It is true. I don not argue against that. They need space to do their things, thus public interests could be negotitated or save until later.

Thus the motive for TRT to cheat an election, or for former alliance of Dmocrat, Chat Thai and other parties not to particiapate the election is understandable, though not always acceptable.


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