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Me and Myself (plus my biology): A Thai way of Saying boys will be boys?

Me and Myself is not a queer movie per se. it is a queer becoming man movie. Viva la masculinity as “nature” and a love that can help steer nature to the ‘right’ course.

As an infant, Tan was raised in a queer cabaret show where is auntie took care of him. later he performed in show, has many queer friends and thought he liked a male patron. Everything fit in queer cabaret show life until he was hit, literally twice.

He got up, found himself in a man’s body. His body actually. But he has been changed. He developed a passionate life with a female hostess who let him stay in her place. Tan acted as house maid, while the hostess took care of her career and was breadwinner.

The movie presented that they finally love each other, mentally and they shagged, more naturally than Lin Hui, the panda who could not even learn how to despite he was presented with sex-ed video. Out of his memories and cabaret show, he now transformed to a man who could not fight well, fix a light bulb or shoot an air rifle. The hostess finally turned a ‘queer’ or sexually confused young man to a man, as if she kissed a frog and it turned out to be a prince. Well Ananda is better than frog-prince or the Beast.

Whether it was biology as destiny, boy will be boy or love, a boy will be boy and despite losing his way in cabaret show business, his “true” color will show with the right person. I am wondering if it is love or the movie tries to hint that the force of nature will take control. His choice also remain intact with his biology.

I have to go back and read Gender Trouble.


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  1. Thai News says:

    Well it’s a good movie anyway.

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