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There Must Be More Than One Abnormalities

The photo of a “normal” Cho had been replaced with his video that make him look abnormal– highly visible. Newsmakers dig his abnormal mental histories, disturbing and violence behavior. On the other hand, only a few see beyond abnormal character, poor and depressing background which are the his and his family’s burden. Some talked about potential discrimination he had suffered as an ethnic minority in America.

The following are example of news that highlight his personal malady. This is not to deny the fact that he had been assessed as “posing immediate danger to self and other.”

Washington Post: April 20, 2007: When Laws Create Barriers to Care, the Consequences Should Be No Surprise

Several reports cross the “personal” line.

Apart from criticizing Virginia Tech for the reaction that made many students and staff members died and injured, several reports point out that weak gun control law also contribute to the tragedy.

On April 19, 2007, the New York Times questioned The Silence of Politicians It asked:

After those two sprees, possible remedies were proposed. But none were passed as the gun lobby cracked its whip in Washington. The most that happened were delays in the passage of an egregious proposal, signed a safe time afterward by President Bush, that brazenly denied gunshot victims and plagued cities the right to sue the gun industry for negligence.
Washington Post also reported Dingell, NRA Working on Bill to Strengthen Background Checks The news said:

Under the bill, states would be given money to help them supply the federal government with information on mental-illness adjudications and other run-ins with the law that are supposed to disqualify individuals from firearms purchases. For the first time, states would face penalties for not keeping the National Instant Criminal Background Check System current.
Multiple gun control measures were introduced after the Columbine High School shootings eight years ago, but the NRA helped thwart them all, then helped defeat Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 bid for the White House. With that in mind, Democratic leaders are anxious to bring the NRA aboard as they try to respond to this week’s shootings.

The gun lobby stayed relatively neutral during past efforts to pass the measure, but this time Dingell is pushing for an endorsement, or even for the NRA to make it a “key vote” for its supporters.

This “key vote” would surely please NRA than a universal stronger law like in Britain which would displease both NRA and other pro “no restriction” gun rights groups.
However, it should be noted that borderline mental illness cases like in the VT shooting case are not directly sent to hospital as inpatients. They might not show visible symptoms that disqualified them from purchases before the shooting. They might not be diagnosed after the crimes have been committed. This is an issue that gun rights would blanket label the mass shooting as action from several “loons,” that do not represent the “majority,” who are “normal,” morally upright, and are no longer or not ethnic minorities? See for examples of “gun loons” debates. While gun rights always put the blame on the loons but not easy access to guns and gun itself.

Instead of make their society safer, they are willing to protect themselves from their unsafe society by making sure to make sure that gun corporations gain more profits. Leave the society and my community unsafe and trust only guns. Guns doesn’t make the society safer, but they offered illusion that being armed can help them deal with individual symptoms of unsafe society that surface near them. Bang. End of my problem. Why do I give any thought about the rest?

The Guardian has an interesting section of gun control in the U.S. from one of tough gun control country. It also has a History of shooting at US schools and colleges.

NRA: One Gun Per Student or School?
I got this news from Google Groups.

Fine, just have thorough background check for everyone, put them under lock and key and pray that next year it will not happen.


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