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Ha ha, isn’t it funny that she lives in Thailand.

Got these mails and wondering if, as a Thai in (not “under”) the eyes of foreigner friend, we are subject of international mocking. I couldn’t watch youtube, google video or access PULO websites and now using anonymous proxy to update my own blog. Poakpong descreibed this phenomenon.

I don’t suppose this made it through your (new) administration’s censors?


Another one:

And this one from ABC radio in Australia? (Emphasis added.)

Last Updated 13/04/2007, 04:15:00
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Thailand has decided to develop and produce rockets and missiles in a radical
shift towards building an indigenous defence industry.

Jane’s Defence Weekly cites an internal Thai defence ministry document saying
Thailand will start by developing a multiple-launch rocket with a range of 80

It says other projects include a strategic rocket with turbojet engine guided by
global position system and inertial navigation system.

The country already produces explosives, ammunition and small arms as well as
modernising and repairing aircraft and armoured vehicles.

Both news mad it through censorship but who care? I manage to track the Nation’s version of the second Janes’ news.

One thing I don’t appreciate about Janes’ is I would be the last to know what happened in my country. Those of reader that have regular dose of Janes’ should share with me.


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