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Civilian Paramilitary: More than learning how to shoot

Finally, the military admit that their paramilitary conducted a “self-defence”  shot and killed three boys on spot according to Bangkok Post Intensive coverages was be availablr after the smoke had been unwillingly cleared.
The Nation also reported

They said the security forces opened fire after a group of five Muslim boys ran towards them as they tried to extinguish a blaze at a mobile phone base station.

“When security forces were working to extinguish the fire, the five teenagers ran towards them and tried to attack the security forces,” a police official said.

Two of the boys were killed and three wounded.

The boys were unarmed but police insisted the security forces acted in self-defence.

Long term readers of this blog would notice that I do not agree with civilian armament in the deep South. The incident pointed out that shooting training as sponsored by the state security authorities is not enough.

Recruitment and establishment of paramilitary security force is not that easy as it appeared to be. Most news I read during the past two years reported the training as target shooting and weapon handling. While it is practical, it is far from ensuring that people in the paramilitary know what to deal with in each situations. The training according to the media could not provide clear guideline when to open fire, what conditions they should open fire or attack people and what to do in case of panick. They should undergo the same code of conduct and “riot control” training as well a police and military to miminize the use of arms despite they are equipped. Using firarms and violence should be the last necessary means and they should also be told how to capture people alive.

The South is suffering severe trust crisis, coupling with excessive armament. It is easy to shoot in panick when you have a weapon a hand rather than when you are not fuly eqipped. An easy example is when I am very angry, I could use anyting at hand to hurt people if there is a mug, a stick or an iron ruler at hand. I cn attack from a distance by throwing stuffs at the other. Of course, I could attack the other anyway with my bare hand but I have to be close and risk being counter attacked, thus, I have to calculate my risk and perhap I will have more time to control my anger and perhaps I would change my mind.

Change the scene form interpersonal conflict to the south and repalce a mug with a gun.

The military justification of an unjust and illegitimate self defense will only make the trust crisis worsen. It is already deteritorated by inequal civilian armament and proliferation. How can you thus or feel safe when a stranger approach you with a gun. Naturally, the general response is either run away or, as it is appeared to be in the official report, to “ran towards them and tried to attack the security forces.”

What the secuirty force should do is not a reactionary counter-attack. I know they could argue that the teens posed security threats. However, it is not an excuse to shoot first and examine if the teens were armed later. Under the rule of law, not rule of what  former cowboy movies tried to present, it is an excessive ab/use of force.   

Guns and Policing Standard to Prevent Misuses available at Control Arms Gun and Policing section should be a beginner resource if the police and the military paramilitary/ civilian defence volunteer trainers would like to find some inspiration apart from their codes of cinduct which should be applicable to paramilitary and defence volunteer forces. I hope some imporatant lessons should be clarified to existing armed civilian members and recruits. 


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