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6Oct06It was a very exhausting day and night translating proposal to meet 15th April deadline, you know what I really mean. Translating other people and listening to argument would reflect how the 10th International Conference on Thai Studies means to someone. After a stupid night and a day off for reflection, I wish that the post will not be read as how Thai grad students, in general,  are pathetic and some of them are in dilemma.

I looked back at people who sent me their proposals and myself and our commom political-economy standpoint and see that for some, a small amount of participation with some reservation is much needed.

Aren’t we initiated to the rite of “publish/ present or perished?”

Aren’t many of Thai grad students find it difficult or some people could not afford to find sufficient scholarship to participate oversea international conference? (I am obviously included)

Aren’t many of people feel more confident to present their papers in Thai (I was told that they can present their papers in Thai, however, the proposal and papers must be in English.)?

Where can they find space that fit their political ecomony of academic lives for beginners?

While I felt that the Conference as a whole could not accomodate many people’s needs and academic freedom, it is a space for some people. Thus, I respect their particiaption. They also tended to be very selective about the forum, non of the proposal reflect “sufficience” world and coup because those words are not their interests. They tried to squeeze into small spaces that does not fully accomodate their projects but embrace the word “Thai” in their studies.

As for me, under a large amount of hush-hush politics and the international aura of the conference, some people I know tried to incorporate those small spaces that I don’t feel like I’d fit in. I read several emails and decided not to submit my beloved proposal. It was in English, not about the coup or the monarch or Thai politics. It is 250 words neat but it was not critical enough to be thrown in to their bins.  I did not send this one. I sent the one that would go to the bin. But they have to read them. I want them to read before throwing it to the bin.  I bet it is not necessary the one about the monarch, the CNS or the coup.

I have a blog. It is rather international enough.

My hearts go to those nice papers I had translated and I wished them luck to be selcted. They deserve this opportunity.


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