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Madness and Songkran Civilization

Readers will notice that I intended to borrowed the term. My friend and I finally were spared of the water war that put us throughly shaking due to the water was very ice cool.

As a resistance to Ministry of Culture’s pledge to have a gentle songkran that reflect Thai high culture and good old day, we only witness roadside tank full of water and songkran by buckets.

Khao Sarn and other Khao …. road, according to tvs are like water war zones, while over 10,000 villages is not affected from early draught.

Madness cannot be not excluded from civilization but included in tourism package Despite MOC tried to rule out “impolite” water practices such as putting dirty gooey things, ice, color in water or powder playing, the madness is the part of the fun in the festival.

You guys don’t want to go back to good old gentle day entirely for the whole songkran period. There must be madness. Water fight. 200 liters buckets loaded on pick up trucks ready to throw on one another and make them soaked inside out.

Madness is now civilized and what the making the madness of songkran the other side of civilization would be just a fail propaganda. We need madness. Now.


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