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Strictly not the development they all wanted

I don’t know what Pranai Suwannarat or his bosses have been reading lately. However, Thairath reported he would revive the Southern Border Provinces as “Halal food export sites and rubber cities with four lanes roads connecting Pattani and Yala”

From many researched community researchers and academicians, one of the widening gaps between local malays and “outsider” investors is inequalities.

Formerly, people and policy makers thought that the malay southerners are “South” as in North-South frame of thought. They are underdeveloped by means of income per head. They are not up to modern economic speed in their small scale fishing. Hence, they must be developed and made exposed to modern market economy.

Promising plans from the government, the past government, actually, included halal food factories, sea food bank and also four lanes roads connecting the three southernmost provinces.

Isn’t this sound familiar to Pranai? Apart from Free Trade Agreement with Japan, increasing CNS disapproval for protests and attack on Gen. Tinasulanont, the central imposed unwanted development for the Southernmost provinces will be included in my “Not make any differences, comparing to Thaksin” Checklist

National Reconciliation Council reports and researches, which used tax payers’ money should have been re-read not discarded because it was made under Thaksin’s initiative.

One of community researchers coached and coordinated by Srisak Wallibhodom said in Knowledge and the Unknown in the Three Southern Border Provinces [kwam ruu’ lae kwam mai ruu’ saam chanwat chaidaen tai], obviously in Thai at only 120 THB as it was sponsored by Thai Health Promotion Fund or something mentioned that

Government policies induced resources crisis in marine ecology and fauna. The government promoted massive fisheries industries to meet demands for export. On the other hand, it paved ways for destruction of resources by using push nets and traws, — practices formerly not used by the locals.

Local fishermen are now voiceless comparing to a handful for commercial fisheries tycoons who have louder voices and more rights. They hired migrants labors in their trade while local Pattani people feel ashamed to join the practices that destroy their own resources.

Sama-ae Chemudaw, Secretary General of
Traditional Fisheries Association in Knowledge and the Unknown in the Three Southern Border Provinces (2006)

With less catch for local malay small scale fishermen means they have to leave home for employment in neighboring countries. Invisible migration. They could only see massive evacuation of Buddhists.

Government sponsored large scale commercial fisheries practices reduced traditionally sustainable small scale fisheries to “underdevelopment” and later unemployment. The state induced development made local people even poorer and deprived them of their livelihood to something that might not fit their tastes.

This particular phenomenon happened everywhere in the rural, some protested, some turned to identify themselves with “sufficient economy” for survival of traditional livelihood that people preferred. The practices that had been passing down to generation and now being revived are older that the one who initiate the word “sufficient” himself.

And the sufficient government now what people in the Southern border province to earn their sufficient living by being employed by Thai-Chinese-Buddhists investors and watch brothels of mostly Burmese ethnic groups sex workers to serve already exploited “Burmese” migrant workers in fisheries industries.

Do the government think that the deprived fisher-folks can now look for sufficient employment in royal initiative farms?

Well, what kind of hypocrites we have.


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