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“Urgent news” greeted my afternoon browsing. Council of National Security says protesting should be banned in Bangkok. They proposed to reinforce “Emergency” rule because about 2000 people protested last week.

Once promoted as a sign of healthy democratic society, series of protest and potential of gathering to oust something that people cannot politically tolerate, is now a threat to “law and order.”

People will protest anyway. Whether it is organised or not. The reports seemed to agree that the protests were in order. Except the “emergency law,” protesting is not against any current law imposed. Because it is still legal, they need to criminalised it.

It is hard for the coup makers to understand that despite being label as a successful coup, people can disagree. it is even harder for them to deal with when people disagree and express that they can do something like “hi.thaksin.” It is hardest to think that now they believe we all have to put up with something we do not like but it is right.

In Bangkok, making big improvement to law and order, what is happening down there in the south during curfews remain an “impressive” results of search ans seizure of many people who confesssed so far. Well, until “relatives” start to know what happened in the “inquiries.” Curfew for law and order. No protest for law and order.

They seem to be able to operate in absence of democratic law and order. They cannot operate in the law that is not of their own colors. A legal void. Being replaced by something like emergency law or curfew allow them to use their black or white mentality. Don’t go out at night, if you go out, you are insurgents. Don’t go to Sanam Luang, if you go, you are pro Thaksin.

Are we under martial law and docile military order? Turn left. Turn right. March.


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