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Not Reading Another “Chicana” Feminist Literature.

I was reading “chicana” feminist literature in a private reading group for my friend’s dissertation because it is actually in English with strategic pure or chicana Spanish sprinkled along the book. They were politically placed. I used to think about my place inthe world as a 2.5th world citizen. I change my mind. I am somewhere between 3 and 4 and it is not border transgression.

Spanish is now language spoken among chicana and latina feminists. A language considered minority in English speaking dominant culture. However, not all people who can understand Spanish are chicanas/chicanos. Some privilege gringas and gringod learned it in their high school and in universities. They went to sumer courses in Spanish speaking countries of their choices and they can have sponsored or self-sponsored internship or researches. They would impressive understanding of Spanish– a chic chicana language disguised as minority language (relatively after English). I could not understand French feminists if they are not translated. I envy those gringas and gringo who slip to French literature and the Spanish and then a several languages of their interests. I envy those people in Spanish or French speaking countries.

I like the necessary domination of English. I know Chinese is in right now but I do not have resources and time to study it, let alone Spanish. I felt excluded in “minority” feminist literature but it also make me know my place in the world. A margin of margins butnot the most among most distance reach. However, not minority enough to be recognised minorities. I have to read English because I have to and Spanish would be an extreme luxury for something like me. Yes, I would miss some politics in both language but the one that make me feel my anger of my place in the world is “minorities” or marginalised chicanas.
And who we are? Where do we stand in different tiers of margin?

Am I on the almost outermost rings of rose of paradise in Dante’s Paradise because I do not understand multiple language of “oppressors” or because my poor country had never experience overt and direct colonisation?

If being colonised means I can have more “tongues” and speak more language as a tools for conversing or join the conversations with others. I want to be colonised. I don’t want no-colonisation pride of the royal family and elite who think they possess the country. I am a middle class. My soul is for sale in exchange of practical benefits. I cannot eat pride.

Desperate in Bangkok, Thailand not Taiwan.


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