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Underwater citizens

Underwater cited as Witayakorn’s reasons not to put the whole Draft Constitution to public referendum.

Bangkokbiznews reports that Wittayakorn Chiangkul recommended the whole constitution not to undergo public referendum as it might allow underwater citizens to de-legitimize the Council of National Security.

He furthered stated that those participating the demand more more public participation in the draft of the new constitution are well organized and highly structural groups such as political parties, civil organization, labor union but general public do not seem to pay sufficient attention.

He also worried that when people do not agree with one point, they could turned down the whole draft constitution.

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I did not look at the people with dreamy eyes but not totally hopeless.
In his view, the people is different from organized public interest groups and civil organisations (e.g. “Thaipood”). Is he looking forwards to direct participation by asking everybody to use direct democracy to vote on the new constitution. Would the government arranged this? Would this also required background check to make sure that the underwater citizens would not participate? Can we disqualified them because they are “underwater?”

Again fear of the return of Thaksin and his underwater is a big motive for the constitution drafting committee like him to think and act and even ruled out the measures should be used to filter out underwater citizens. Ah, don’t forget that underwater citizen can go to vote unless they are barred by the upcoming constitution.

Don’t forget that like a voting card, people can be instructed to vote using new systems, they can listen to instruction that they should not over throw the whole constitution just because they do not like certain parts.

I take this as a mild insult.


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