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We know but we could not do anything.

Hopelessly, the authorities said they do not know who is who in the near boiling point anymore as Bangkok Post reports.

This is not an excuse but rather a much too late general acceptance that it is hard to keep the pro-government from the anti government. They expect to go the the areas, give some aid incentives and then hope that people would pick the right side? I doubt if this is going to be that way.

Do they hope that they’d find out spoken young people bare their faces and wear the uniforms? Guerrilla warfare does not need any declaration. Before the military know, they announced that about 10,000 young people had turned against the state. Surprise? I guess they would underestimate it.

The military seemed to slow to deploy any measures to make people turn back. Pick a situation with separatism and read thoroughly, generals. Time to accept and adopt new tactics.

How could they find something to armed 10,000 militants? Money laundering? Tracking excessive use of nitrate fertilizer? They said they know but these facts were not made public. From time to time these young people travelled to Bangkok and go to an open university, the military spoke persons would said. What would be the next step is to make that areas a special zone for police to patrol? Several friends in that area said that when young men got drunk and fought at night, there is not even a single police to intervene.

Symbolic and semiotic attacks also surface again to a you know who Thanpuying. I guess this would spark a major hush hush for people to crack down some one who was suspect to do it or even a general suppression. An attack of the Thanpuying is a violence against certain symbols that I guess they’d aim to violate and successfully, despite no serious casualty, they could do it.

They have to prepare for the worse not just give news readers in other part of the country with general grave situation of daily casualties or the situation is getting serious and we should be united (no questions asked) to defend the country. Go to watch Naresuan people. Then come back and curse separatism. This is what you can do, eh?


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