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Behind the “reactionary” government?

At least there were two Sonthi/s that worked back stage for the government.

The first Sonthi would be consulted before granting critical issues particularly regrading the former govermnent and the ruling party.

The second Sonthi now get his programs back and help airn Anti-Thanksin sentiments on the web and it was reported that it would be featured as one of media flagships on Channel 11 according to Prachatai.

What confused me now it we are leaving under post-coup period and they need to adjust their roles accordingly. The greatest enemy mightnot be Thanksin roaming the world and give “lobbied” interviews to foregin media. While the National Guard program by Sonthi No. 2 may help publicity of the government apart from Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 11 and military owned radios wouldseemed to be more-than-enough obstacles for freedom of sppech and free media. The program endorsed by the government “is not different than that of Thanksin” according to Campaign for Media Reform [Op. Cit.]

Thanksin may and can influence international media more effectively when there are plenty of eveidences that the coup did not make anything better. It was a blow to Thailand and a democratic state and make the country suffers chronic problems that could not be solved simply by changing the government.

Many news last week also reflected that the government is either following what Thaksin has done. They refurbished Somkid as “sufficient economic brand ambassador,” poor manangement of the situation in the South, unresolved and still under grassroot activists criticism FTA policies, for examples. Coupling with daily news about Thaksin clan’s gults that could not find any grave and reliable evidences to really make them accountable, the government, abeit its “sufficient” branding is still below satisfatory line for me.

Thaksin should not be the driving forced for the short term care taker government to deprive people of timely election, quality preventive measures for the next return of Thaksin or anyone that might do the same and general responsibilities to keep the society open for public participation, free media and non-abusive use of power.

Those behind reactionary government should also understand and be supportive, not just trying to make the best of this situation. If people realize that the government could not work for them, who would know what would happen to those partly hidden in Anti Thaksin war rooms.


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