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Breaking the heterosexual culture

Can men be raped? Only by women? If the marital law allow women to rape their husbands as Sanitsuda Ekkachai mentioned we are going no where.

A series of amendment had been made to regarding rapes an personal relationship. Earlier, the new criminal law defines that rape against men is punishable. many people wondered how men can be raped. I don’t need to be graphic about their argument, yet I would like to point out that many people who still think that men could not be rape might forget Brokeback Mountain. They only resume their heterosexual mentality and wonder if women can rape men. In real world, there are more than heterosexuality and all people, regardless of their orientation need to be covered in this law.

As the criminal law regarding rape tries to, hopefully, surpass the heterosexual mentality, the marital law has not been “queered” to accommodate the other forms of husband and wife or partnership.

Women are marginalized and queers are margins of margins. They came last in sexual violence protection because they are physically viewed as “men,” and under patriarchal law, this could be disadvantageous as the law believe for such a long time that “men” cannot be raped, they can only be harassed.

“Rape” is also defined based on heterosexual standard. Violating or penetrating some place do not constitute a rape but a harassment. The former law only define a rape as a violation against certain part of a female body and in certain sexist manner, thus it excludes any potential for homosexual rape.


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