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Transnationalism, internal affairs, explosion and reflections

I personally think that those who organized coordinated explosion wanted to sent a message.  It reminded us of something we often ignored. I choose to read this as a general caution for non partisan like me and you and those in Bangkok.

We are not insulated against international changes. We could not be immuned about internal affairs happening somewhere beyond our backyard. We could not ignore anger of people within our own country, no matter who they are. This does not mean that I would like it to happen.  I am among those who were quite comfortable within a world of our myth and distance. We look at the news passionately but we never share the fear, reluctant and danger. Thus, we look at those problems as if  we are onlooker, yet, also claim these problems as ours.

I do not know if there would be a world fit for non-partisans now.  At least I felt as if we are called to take a side or more among many sides. After 9/11 the rhetoric of “if you are not with us, you are against us” had echoed more than once. People borrow ideas.

I still want to be a responsible partisan. Yes, I hope I get the message right and will do in my capacities to stop what I think it was not right for me. People adopt different method and I do’t like their methods no matter who they are. At least it give more legitimacy for military regime to come back and take control in the name of security.  Is this a side effect they want? 


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