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Birth Registration in Camp, Logistics and Volunteer Tourism

Logistics could be a big obstacle that prevent access to decent living. On the other hand it could be a small issue.
These are examples of logistic issues heard during this months.

While working with birth Registration working group, we were informed that certificate of live birth are not issued in timely manner in camp because some organizations have to wait for Thai staff to write them down. I think what could be more useful in this matter than doing a chapter of a report (borrrrrrrrring) in which I am doing now. I could turn my Mae Hong Sorn border trip to be a “write them down” volunteer. I could write in Thai and with an interpreter I can really write certificates of live birth.

But I could not go to the camps to write them down.

Wishing and hoping and willing to do it is useless. I am not a full time employed staff of a decent NGO or IOs and I need a valid camp pass to get in.

Let’s see if I can go to the Department of Displace Persons Affair in Samsen and said I would like to apply, supposedly with an NGO endorsement that I can volunteer to write certificates of live birth because they lack Thai staff to copy burmese or karen ones into Thai.

I don’t think that this volunteer tourism would work like helping people in Tsunami affected areas or flooded villagers in the North.

The first question would be asked: why not volunteer for Thais. There are a lot of suffering Thais in near by villages balh blah blah… Thai… Thai people suffering….

Well, umm officer, I like Mae Hong Sorn and I think this is an important issue. And it is something I can do. I can write. I could not build a knock down house. I can use hammer and lay brick but I want to volunteer to write something significant.

I bet I could not get a camp pass.

This is something small that could contribute to lack of access to other rights the future of 3Rs for them and all I could not contribute is because I cannot get a camp pass.

Camp pass is another small logistic issue. well I hope, if some NGOs are willing to tkae them out of the camp, need people to help writing certificate of live birth (Tor.Ror. 1/1), they might want to tcheck volunteer tourism sample at http://www.siamvolunteer.com/

PS This is totally unrelated but it is an evidence that there was a vending machine in front of Mae Hong Sorn Provincial Civil ServiceOffice Center when I visited last year
In Mae Hong Sorn last year


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