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Homeland Security

Thailand now need a special department to deal with security issues in The nation’s report.

If things go according to plan, ISOC will prove to be a gigantic and powerful bureaucracy never before seen in the history of modern Thai administration.

Sonthi has described the revamped ISOC as equivalent to the Department of Homeland Security in the United States.

Critics are concerned that ISOC may be even more powerful than its Washington counterpart, which is an amalgamation of various security and law enforcement agencies to fight terrorism and other emerging threats.

In Washington, homeland security authorities have a specific mandate and are accountable for their actions to either the White House or Congress.

In Bangkok, ISOC functions under the prime ministerial order and has no laws to back up its existence. It acts like a shadowy puppet master pulling strings among existing agencies. It answers to no one although it has the entire bureaucracy under its control.

No matter what ISOC would do, it signall that the coup makers will have their ways around in Thailand for sometimes. Despite its intention to overlook and prevent what the Prime Minister called as “rougue” government and to address security issue in the South, the ISOC seemed to me and outdated shadowy fighure from the past that will haunt civil society. It also comfirm that the past development of democratic monitoring process is nothing that the ruling elites would trust for now.


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2 Responses

  1. masada says:

    ISOC, those are the death squads that during the 70’s stuffed students suspected of being communists into oil drums and burned them alive, right?

    Just the thought that these guys will be in charge of national seurity makes me feel more secure already…

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