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And this is what they want? — We can’t understand, said the cabinet.

I was back from my commissioned fieldwork for two weeks a four days work and then two day preparation to go again. Finally I was back on the evening on 1 december and went directly Suan Lum’s World Aids day. The next day spent r and r (rest and relax) –actually catching up enough snooze to prevent a cold. The next day friends from my apartment told me that they spent 2,xxx something baht for underground lotto.

Not my business, but they need some comfort that the deed will actually be understood. If the legal lotto system is functioning, many people that are constant customers of underground one would still buy theirs. The system include higher payment and discounts. Plus they can even pay by installment, given established relationship and that they are reliable. So those that go for underground will go for underground though some buy both.

After the government decided not to touch the delicate issues of government lotto, the underground business still move on. Perhaps it is the mentality of get rich quick that made the government feel that it is not sustainable, it involve corruption, or perhaps their imagined obligation to shoulder (mass transit, maintain investment ballons or similar) or wipe away what wrong influence the previous government had put in to people’s head. At the end of the day, it is not about legalizing or not legalizing what kind of business as long as the spaces for doing business are available.

The mentality of get rich by lottery and underground lottery (at least four times a month, based on two government lotto, one or two — I can’t remember, government saving bank’s short term saving bonds) may not be easily understood as well as 1 million baht vilage loans, or SML. They may not be up to moral standard, if the moral standards are made by those that already have plenty.

The gray of underground lotto business refelct the need for people without a lot of funds to invest in legal stock market to buy long term bonds and to agressively start up a business that pay as well as underground lotto with equal investment to survive and flourish. They know that not everybody wins. It seems like they understand the corporation and the ugly sides of capitalism much more than me. To get rich in the arena out there money and capitals are needed to invest and make profit. Selling out their or my labour is not the way to do.

Someone told me about investment and profits as
“high risk, high return. Low rish, low return.” They learn that well under limited capacities to invest. Something the cabinet would not understand or pretend that they could not.


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