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Because I only see the big picture… [updated]

Villagers parade body of slain Muslim man
Thai Buddhist killed in drive-by shooting in Yala

Both headlines are from the Nation
Sitting in front of my comouter in Bangkok with all news at hand, it is hard not to see what local people could not see and it is hard to see what they see as well.

Government and academic, with statistical analysis at hand or even I can easily access and see the headcount of “Thai-Buddhist” and “Thai Muslim” when I could see or interpret that “religious” is not a significant figure to get people killed. Both Muslim and Bhuddist suffer from “similar” casuaties.

When estimatig threats from local point of view, without trend and statistic, locals could only see within their limited information network. They could access national stat in their area but a threat is still a threat. A person killed is interpreted in term of demographic infomation involving ethnicity and religious since, unfortunately it is their to identify the victim.

Apart from general demographic headcounts featuring in report, the other tolls used to see “big pictures”, thanks to Dr. Srispmpob (hi to his fans out there and you are invite to a seminar on 7th of December at Faculty of Political Sciences at TU 14.00 -17.00 hr), we are now able to categorized types of attack against civilians and military personnels. We could see where the crash was intensified, whther it was machete, guns or assault rifles.

We could now browse website gathering daily news and interviews that people in the “field” rarely access. Their daily lives of trying to stay safe were captured for analysis. Our significant mission is to analyse and to make senses of their lives presented in narratives or statistic. Many in the city with bird eye view try to see the consequences, trends, solution, and all behind the phenomena.

When we see big pictures or can only access to big pictures, let’s not forget tacit, adhoc and fragile “knowledge” in the field, where people learn how to survive on daily basis. I do not agree with those who complain why some do not see like “us.” Seeing the big picture is a priviledge of someone who can let go of certain connection and daily realities of being “in” there shoes. We “out” there could learn a lot from being “above.” But I think local people “in” the situation deserved to be heard on the matters that concern their lives. Perhaps it would compromise government’s policies but I think localism and multiple set of realities are methodologically correct.


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