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other militarization

After silent news about small protest in a refugee camp in Mae Sot and several attempt to find this news in English or MCOT video archive, all I could have is this clipping from bangkok biz news. Surprisingly, a “business news website” report this. Since the news was reported, I could hardly know what might have happened in the camp as the news said no one was allowed to enter or leave the camp at that time. No one from “outside” could hardly know about the nature of protest, why the some young refugee were beaten but authority and why other measures that was said to be implemented to restore laws and order was not implemented.

The nature of militarization of the camps, particularly camp in border zone, now embrace the militarization of local authority (e.g. Thai security staff) that can use their power to take the matter in their own hands. Sadly since the matter regarding otherness in Thai society, the development and investigation was under report to the general public. Formerly when refering to militariation on a refugee camp, fingers are pointed to waring parties or Non state armed actors and its implication often remind me aoubt camps in low intensity conflict areas, not a camp when people are relatively be in a safe state.

Comparing to situation in the south, people now have reason to fear presence of state’s armed security officers. At least in the camp, while it is necessary to do so, the presence of state armed security officers could be viewed as a threat, apart from presence but not openly mentioned non state armed elements in the camp.


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