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Yeah, we did talked

Thanks to the information given by the new civilian government that reveal some official did the talking with “insurgents.”

The talk has been achieved by the non-decisionmakers that hope to deliver what they want as insurgents. Hopefully, there are one insurgents representative to talk to but actually it was not. Let’s not be deceived by the leader of the movement. Actually people can be and can do in this age of ambiguity. Let’s not believe that any movement depends on its leaders alone. Let’s not talk about “them” as someone with a tattoo on there forehead ” Catch me, I made this bomb.”

As far as the information given to the press by state authorities was correct, we are dealing with a small group of people that recruit and engaged civilians (not retired army chiefs) to engage in bomb making, scouting, information gathering, protesting. These civilians’ demand have been somewhat studied by the National Reconciliation Commissions and other researchers.

They are clearly on the borderline. If they step to one side too much, they could be endangered. Nevertheless, it is still very important tot talk to them as well.

Ah, this sound very Mahathir to appeal and talk with the majority. But they are not just inactive majority. The active majority that tread the border of civilian-militia, thus entered in to my mind as border of the border. they could be vicitmized by either state or non state actors. Lives are hard and dangerous. And they could not just be put away in an army camps and then told to reoriented themselves to love the country that perhaps they had been experiencing that the country did not seem to love them as much as they had loved it.

But they did the talk before the fall of the government. Did they tell it now cos they want to appear like, “we did it before the ex malaysian PM.”


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